Chengdu, the most cattle cottage team: practice

And in the United predecessor called “Youth League football team, set up in 1986. However, because of the limited level, in Chengdu amateur football are basically “dish pigeons” level. In 2007, the team changed its name in and wing team set up took vocational taste Wholesale Jerseys. Team team logo, flag and town map. Translation also tired, team players and the translation XiaoDeng than professional team, professional team of translation usually only need to know a foreign language, but he needs to understand the English, Spanish and Portuguese. Team three foreign aid, Cesar Argentine, Edu Spaniards, and one from Costa Rica. Cesar in Shihai, Argentina has played in the youth team of Argentina Cheap Authentic Jerseys, together with Aimar played. Cesar led the team first paid 3000 yuan / month.
In 2007, in League One, they let the other team shocked. They have their own home, then repair the stadium and turf to spend more than 100 million, “said Tang Yong. The team not only turf also has its own cafeteria and dormitories. In order to allow the fans to the stadium watching, and United want a lot of ways, first and town small ads posted, but the effect is not good. Later, Tang Yong simply called the company’s employees to the street passing out flyers and town, the effect is still not ideal. Finally, some of the employees forced some hesitation: “to see it Authentic NFL Jerseys , to see our game as we give you the money, watching a 10″. The most interesting is the Chengdu City League made ​​three straight in 2007, the team invited local chefs banquet run from the edge of the pitch, fans of the site can be free to eat.
Now and in the town up and down the basic know there is such a team, and now fans can also sometimes have 300 people view “. Sichuan team of four players to join this year Discount Authentic Jerseys, these professional players reaction at home in the sand too soft, the team immediately decided to re-build, “spent nearly $ 100,000, re-renovation of the stadium, in September you can use”.

Als learn Chinese playing the clown

Als: I think China is a strange environment, after all , before I have been playing in Europe, and I talked about Chinese football, so my situation and characteristics of Chinese football is not very clear understanding of the team’s almost is blank. However Wholesale Jerseysb, by this time the contacts and experience, I think there are a lot of good players and we are very friendly to me, and I found that the Chinese players technology is very good this time, and the team to fusion also very good, so I’m on this point was very pleasantly surprised.
Reporter: Before the Dutch players rarely come to China to play, this choice for you is not a very difficult decision?
Als: before really no idea, but this time it is the sudden appearance of an opportunity, and now want to surprise. The club I’ve changed a coach, the new coach need not my type of striker, in this case, I want to change a club, when I received the invitation of a lot of clubs, including the Tianjin TEDA. Side of the case then I do some understanding, I feel pretty good Cheap Authentic Jerseys, consultation and family made the decision to play here.
Reporter: You learned by what means the Chinese football?
Als: I’ve been with before this coach Haan assistant De Jong made contact, and then inquired about the situation with my coach and before I know this coach with the a player Zengjinglaiguo the Chinese football So to understand the situation here. These people give me feedback is good news, very positive, so I hope to come to China to try. The same time, from the perspective of life, I also want to experience a new life, to accept some new information and understanding of the new culture, so I decided to come to this. So far, I feel very good Authentic NFL Jerseys, I think this is a good attempt.
Reporter: You said De Jong gave you a good idea what you and he is friendship?
Als: I did not even know him, just know he coached in China. You know, football is not big circle, and I’m looking for an understanding of his friends to come to De Jong’s phone, then call him to ask TEDA, so simple.
“Warm-up match scoring teammates support.”
Reporter: Team Turkey zippered warm-up match 4 games, scored three goals, high efficiency, and you feel desired state?
Als: For me, just join a team, to have such consecutive goals beginning, of course, is a very good thing, after all, so you can increase the teammates and coaches for believing in me. However, this can not prove that I have had more than a good performance, because the goals are also the support of his teammates, these will not get these effects. Are friendly matches to play in Turkey, in the 25th game goal is very important. As a striker , I also have the ability and confidence to fight this game, but the whole team win is the most important Discount Authentic Jerseys, enter goal is not important.
Reporter: Teda tactical formation has been in the drill 451, you feel competent offensive task of “1”?
Als: I have a different team is also involved in a lot of different formations, 442,433,451 have, but I think the formation is not the most important, the most important thing is the team as a whole in the field of tactical play manifested and the effect of the overall competition. I think I can do is to complete the requirements of the coach Stitched NFL Jerseys, coaches responsibility to let me do I have to do a good job, then and his teammates play in the whole of my duties and functions, which would the team have a great with the help of great value to the team, so I consider.

Kobe single 8 points, 5 assists, the Lakers leading the Pistons with 21 points

Start to the season three-game losing streak Discount NFL Jerseys, the Lakers vs. Pistons. First ZhanBa Lakers in superb form leading Pistons to 34-13 score.Bryant single sent eight points, five assists, Howard scored 11 points, Pau Gasol 10 points.
Lien-game losing streak, the Lakers before either player or coach, the shoulders of the pressure is not small. Game opening, Lakers show a strong desire to win, Howard jump ball successfully, Gasol storm inside, the first shot was a cover, but he immediately secondary attack succeeded. Nash sidelined, Bryant has more to organize the attack, his consecutive assists Gasol and Ci Shiping score, followed by break layup. The Lakers played a 8-2 wave of attacks, forcing the piston called timeout.

Suspended back, piston rely Prince and Maxiell jumper and scored four points. But Bryant again sent pass him hanging directly at a high ball to the basket Gasol Discount Jerseys, the Spaniards easy layup. Bryant to lead to a period of offensive, Howard also began to force his continuous storm inside the piston only foul to stop. Fortunately today start, Howard free throws feel good hit three goals in the first four free throws, followed by another in the basket layup and hit a jumper, remove 7 points.
Few races, is that the Lakers the game there is a significant improvement compared to the defensive. When the Prince and Knight impact Lakers basket, Howard Kazuo When closed, sent straight cap. Play the game eight minutes, Lake talents Pistons get double-digit scores, setting up the obvious lead.
Before the end of the first section, the Lakers continued to storm inside, especially Howard is unstoppable. Ci Shiping pass NFL Stitched Jerseys, Howard the ball to force a breakthrough opponents. Next, the Lakers from defensive to offensive, Bryant breakthrough ball into the air, and Howard , leaping high ball into the basket. Playing less than 10 minutes, Howard scored 11 points and was benched to rest.

In Howard’s end, the Lakers offensive point of focus to the outside line. Blake Tupofenqiu Bryant perimeter bayan is a one-third, after he assists Morris hit the third NFL Jerseys Cheap. This is Bryant 5 assists in the first section of the race

Sherwood anger, weak small defense

In the small, before reunification, the knicks played quite well, Anthony’s ability was also developed singles out, and lock the playoffs in advance, at that time the knicks became a very this league for fighting team Wholesale Jerseys. But yesterday, small against the cavaliers of games to return, but his return to the team but did not bring with a win. As a band of directing a play, the actor who plays, including the audience below the stage was the, the knicks in small, after the play, everyone started to misfire, finally also very depressed to lost to the league teams knight. To the problem of small Sherwood, see very clearly, he especially to mention a small ‘defense, “stoudemire on the field with a little problem, moving on defense Cheap Authentic Jerseys,  his ability to improve the anticipation,” Sherwood said, “I really didn’t worry about the attack, I think we have resolved the problem. But defense attack is what concerns me most. I really care about five people on the field defensively, we should actively teammates to help, and and a rebound.” Stoudemire season quite low, averaging 17.5 points scoring a nearly 6 a season low, defense on the small, rarely bring surprise. In the tactical system. Anthony was tempted Authentic NFL Jerseys, stoudemire defensive ability be ignored, but replaced after Sherwood coach, stoudemire defensive ability be faced. In fact, the knicks now many players are paying attention to the defense, Anthony and in this part of the performance was very positive. Small, maybe really should calm down to Stitched NFL Jerseysx, completes the defense, so that it can really settle in, let the knicks in the playoffs inside go further.

Knowledge about sunglasses

Sunglasses to press utility can generally be divided into the mirror, light color sunglasses and special purpose sunglasses three categories.
The so-called sunshade lens, just as its name implies is to make the use of shading, people in the sunshine will depend on the size of the pupil often adjust to adjust the flux, when light intensity than the human eye adjust ability, will cause damage to the human eye. So in the outdoor activity places Cheap Shox Shoes, especially in the summer, many people are using the mirror to keep out sunshine, in order to reduce eyes adjust the fatigue of the cause of the damage the stimulation or light.
Light color to the sun block sunglasses role than the mirror, but its rich colors, suitable for all kinds of dress collocation with use, have very strong adornment effect. Light color sunglasses because its rich colors Air Max Shoes, style diversity, by the young gens of favor, fashionable women to their favor is life. Special use sunglasses has the very strong keep out the sun function, often used for the beach, skiing, climb wait for the light from the sun is strong field, its ultraviolet performance indicators are high request.
Different people, according to the different preferences and different use to select the sunglasses, but the most fundamental is to want from the wearer can guarantee the safety and eyesight not damage on the basic principle. Reduce the glare stimulation, inspect content clearly not deformation Cheap Stitched Jerseys, prevent ultraviolet, to the color recognition not distortion, accurate identification traffic signals, should be the basic function of sunglasses. If the function with a defect, light is not a function of sunglasses, heavy then can produce the dizzy, eyes acid bilges, etc to consciously symptoms, and sometimes also can produce slow to respond to contend, inspect content and walking on color illusion  inequality Cheap Snapback Hats symptoms and cause accidents, etc. So choose sunglasses can’t focus on design and ignore its inner quality.

Four, use common sense
Improper wearing sunglasses to get the eye disease, cloudy and it is not necessary to wear sunglasses indoors. Some people not to divide the situation, no matter the light from the sun, strong or weak, even in the twilight, in the evening and watching movies, TV also is wearing sunglasses, this will increase the burden of adjustment eyes, cause eye flesh tension and fatigue, make ision loss, inspect content fuzzy, serious will have far reigned the symptom such as flower heads. For the visual system development still is not perfected baby, children should not be wearing sunglasses. In addition to the glass sunglasses, other sunglasses lens material wear resistance is not high, users often should pay attention to the surface of the sunglasses, when wear influence definition, should change in time.

Aldridge 20 + 6 lorie 13 points

Della stopping 14 shots in 8 today, cut down a game-high 22 points and seven assists 3 steals, camby 9 points, 11 rebounds 1 blocks, scola 12 points, lee 12 points, parsons 2 points , back-up point WeiLuo 13 points in three assists and bardeen case 15 points, Paterson six points Discount Jerseys, reach mu potter 3 points and rebounds. The home team aldridge 20 points and rebounds cheap jerseys, Raymond felton added 14 points, seven points Matthews, crawford 18 points, and eriksson 12 points, babbit 8 points, Johnny Flynn-four points. The score of the four sections are: the 24-17, 25-23, 22 and 23-25-24 (before the rockets).

After the game Buy Cheap Jerseys, just to the west of the player of the week Della stopping smashes, 2 remember a 3-pointer one scored six points, lead the rockets hit 9 to 5 start. Soon the druid and assists old camby uncontested layup successful, the visiting team but always suppress the home team, scola today also continued the recent good touch feeling, the basket turned and hook are scoring goals; Until the first quarter 3 minutes left, JJ-eriksson was basket shot-blocking successful, help the blazers 15-15 to equalise NFL Jerseys Cheap, forced the rockets called a timeout. Suspended after the rockets hit each other and a wave of nine to 2 scoring high tide, Della stopping jumpers added 2 points, the first quarter final 3.1 seconds discount jerseys, center unexpectedly in 26 floater camby 3-pointer far-flung feet away! Help the rockets 24-17 leading end seven points in the first quarter. Della get the first section of the highest stopping eight points and two assists, camby seven points, seven rebounds.

The second quarter for a second team sent the rockets, bardeen steals old team-mate Johnny’s-Flynn cheap stitched jerseys, quick counterattack layup help keep the visitors around seven points of advantages; But the lory a traveling error, each other babbit counterattack jumper, 25 to 30 gradually narrowed the gap. May’s bardeen high jumper, XiaoGangBao also found in time feel, left in the second quarter 5 minutes and 27 seconds, lorie near the middle line break jumpers soccer jerseys, 38-27 will open to 11 points difference! Forced the blazers pause. Suspended after lorie is stopping Della for rest, the rockets keep 10 points or more lead NFL Stitched Jerseys, with three minutes in the first half, and the right of perimeter jumpers three points, bardeen hit (10 points)! 44-and forced the pause again. Suspended after the home team up slightly, babbit in 56 seconds before half-time a left-wing a record a 3-pointer, and 38-47 will points gap down to single digits, crawford and parsons after their free throw and had two points, the rockets 49-40 keep nine points lead into the midfielder to rest.

The lakers’ New Jersey design style exposure

In the summer of 2010, a lot of teams in the league have changed dramatically, whether it or other aspects squad. August 16, by the New Jersey alliance is released the first date, the clippers, Minnesota Discount NFL Jerseys, such as jazz team released the latest kit. Defending champion lakers also decided to launch New Jersey, and design style today finally exposure.

The new pops has not officially launched cheap jerseys, from the current got the news, this kind of kit will be tight money is, than the lakers in recent seasons in which the shirt of close-fitting more comfortable. Process may take stereo clipping, seamless bonding. In 2008 Beijing Buy Cheap Jerseys Olympic Games, the United States men’s basketball team, China men’s basketball team will have been made with tight design.

In appearance on top, and New Jersey change isn’t very big, the most obvious place is number and players in the name. The old one shirt number and name of the main body is white and yellow/purple edge, and New Jersey is using the contrast design discount jerseys cheap stitched jerseys. At the home of the yellow jersey USES is purple number add white edge, the road is the purple shirt golden number add white edge.Look from design, New Jersey shoulder seem more wide, plus the golden foil, zijin bianconeri appear more showily and ambition.

The rockets players is a soldier

The rockets away against the Los Angeles lakers to a 112-107 victory, after the game, the rockets coach and players accepted media interviews.Talking about today’s victory, the rockets coach Kevin McHale says Authentic NFL Jerseys, “luis, families in a period of time. He did very well in pau gasol left-handed great before. Goran (Della stopping) well, I don’t know what to say to him, and he made a good decision, 11 assists and three turnovers. Camby huge. They function, these guys were soldiers, a year are in the fight.”

Bynum with 11 points in the fourth quarter when 17 seconds out, McHale admit that this change the game, “change a lot, we doubled-teamed him, spent a lot of energy to guard him, want to let the ball away from his hand, and even so soccer jerseys, he was expelled in before or had 19 points Wholesale Authentic Jerseys.”Della stopping today had 26 points and 11 assists three blocks, he thinks, the team’s victory thanks to the overall, “the team chemistry is victory of reason, we have two important games, we need in the offensive and defensive team basketball with, this is a key to our success.”

Today the rockets rookie chandler-parsons again on kobe Bryant, the game, 8 of 20 shots, when talking about Bryant’s defense, parsons said. “I like to guard him, this is a great opportunity Cheap stitched Jerseys, this is a great challenge, this is a very good chance to challenge the best players.”Della game tonight for stopping, parsons said, “he has been very hard to believe, we have not lost in his rhythm, he played the important performance, his passing is very good, the decision is very good also, in the field, is a true leader.”

Scola had 25 points and cheap jerseys, take over the game in the fourth quarter, hit consecutive, talked about his jump shot, he said, “I feel good game, they’re a tough team, because they have a height movement, it is difficult to make you his ability to keep the rhythm, began to invest into some of the perimeter to help me.”Speaking of stopping Della, scola praised, “he did well, he is a very good player and he is not last month to learn how to play, he always have this ability. If you don’t have this to you won’t play. You are not so a month and they grow into this player, he is the kind of player, he needs a stage show.”

Small and DuMuNanZhi insider fort cheap basketball jerseys

The mavs all-star players have inside nowitzki, still have a few months turning 34 nowitzki state still pretty good NFL Stitched Jersey, in Dallas is not the core team Heywood, most of the time for the insider attack and for his teammates were cheap football jerseys excessive task, in comparison, marc gasol but griz core of attacking players, small pau gasol in a game against the warriors of game, play well, once mighty men will lead to 12 points, but the stubborn Memphis will depend on a wave of 24-6 attack climax complete reversed, and finally the grizzlies stadium with a 98-94 victory over the warriors, the grizzlies have three straight, and the mighty men in six defeats. And in this wave 24-6 attack wave of the contribution of small pau gasol is a key Buy Cheap Jerseys, he and gay end time made three of 3, to help secure the grizzlies. And in Dallas on one side, Lamar odom regression mavericks squad, he is lacklustre before because fans “disdain”. The game is also his turn over war.

Nowitzki is undoubtedly the mavs an anchor back there in dinghai cheap basketball jerseys, he will assist in after the air carter hit a 3-pointer, and soon the mavericks post player Haywood and Marion cooperate, a strong dunk, let the grizzlies suddenly find north. But the grizzlies post small pau gasol in the first quarter show that you assists stunt, he connected assists Allen, MaLiSi-Bates Cheap Colts jerseys, achievements, the grizzlies also and the mavericks tightly to bitten the score. In the end of the first half nowitzki has a good layup, at that time, the mavericks attack, the ball to the hands of nowitzki, see a dribble penetration, again low hand layup achievements, this is besides golden signboard score of independent way another German chariot strengths.

The mavericks should how to use the old Jason kidd? Cheap jerseys

When you see this article when I text, Dallas mavericks “the playoffs,” had already started five days.Five days ago, the mavericks with two straight games away against the rockets, Carlyle before the coach declared: “we started from the playoffs at this moment.” The mavericks deserves to be a professional spirit strong veteran team, coach a needle chicken go down Barcelona Jerseys, the effect was immediate, even win two games the rockets, consolidate the fifth ranking in the boat to the fourth challenge of power.
But the two wars, the mavericks are-have breathtaking cheap basketball jerseys. After overtime victory away is at home while winning nine points, but the first day they fell behind 11 points. The two games in common is: the first, the mavericks start very heavy slow, basic is nowitzki season describe a “are old and slow”, especially the defensive end, they make the rockets had 30 points; Second, the mavericks ever-presents second team, two wars together, the score is 92 than substitute than 30.
The mavericks by substitute win Discount Jerseys, this is not new. After all, they was always think the league is one of the strongest team of depth, and catch up with the rockets so absences opponent. But the problem is, the mavericks can’t always play in the starting lineup when under a pit digging, waiting to help fill in, because once such situation to continue, when they face more strength strong, depth of the better team, will be in big trouble.
Dallas lineup is not capable attack, a variety of reasons, one of which is Jason kidd, his game in the initial stages of the slow, lack of breakthrough ability, has become a restriction on both ends of the calf through the important reasons. March 23,, just over the old Jason kidd his 39 birthday. Duncan can often through the “old” reason did not play discount soccer jerseys, old three years old than Buddha Jason kidd, but most crowded schedule in Dallas on March only a absence.
And January, February Cheap Soccer Jerseys, compared to march, the performance of the full range of Jason kidd has a promotion, he body state looks has also return to the horse last season, the master level. But from the point of view of the playoffs, Carlyle should consider well, whether you want to let kidd get more time to rest. In fact, dirk nowitzki and John terry have noticed the problem, nowitzki is set said: “I think in the playoffs start truce can not to me before the state help. But kidd is different, we should be treated differently to his.”