McHale: We did not Nuggets running positive

In just the end of an NBA regular season home game of the Houston Rockets could not win a home game, as expected, they lost to the visiting Denver Nuggets 87 than 93,6 points margin frustrationto accept a two-game losing streak.
The Rockets lose today on a reason, is still doing a good shot, they team hit rate is slightly better than the last point, only 37 percent. While the the rival Nuggets this statistics 45 per cent. This is no way to win the game.
A look of frustration after the game coach McHale in the post-match press conference. Am very dissatisfied: not enough interspersed with running game Cheap Jerseys, not smooth offensive, you know you want to lay the offensive, the ball must be kept moving his team’s offensive player also to keep running to the open neutral but tonight unfortunately we could not do that today the game has a lot of mistakes, we have a lot of things need to be corrected. ball movement, we must be doing well “coach thought went on to say:” while we base ourselves not stable when they made ​​a lot of points and their audience is kept running Cheap NFL Jerseys, and we are not actively running. ”
Lose another game can be attributed to mistakes today Rockets game has 20 turnovers. “We had 20 turnovers on this one is enough for us by the, in the field the players are not able to respond effectively.” The coach said helplessly.
Two Rockets is not a defense, their defense is doing good, might this defensive and recent training emphasizes something more relevant. Now the team’s offensive problems is too much trouble, a critical moment addition to Harden nobody can score Cheap Soccer Jerseys, once Harden is sealed like today happen, that the Rockets will be lost. This is after the Rockets must find a way to solve the problem.

The rockets stylist discloses New Jersey design concept

The rockets at the Toyota center today to announce their 2009-10 season’s New Jersey. The New Jersey mass-tone tone still for red Cheap Jerseys, with golden color on the ornament. The red shirt will be different from the previous season , and the jersey material also will be different feeling cheap jerseys.
This shirt is the rocket design of manager jose lopez, after more than a year of hard work design work. When accepting a reporter to interview, lopez revealed the New Jersey of the design concept. “For many years, fans of Houston are still talking about the previous championship, and they are also looking forward to the championship, when he saw the fans are now wear shirt Cheap NFL Jerseys , I was considering, why can’t they put on the restoring ancient ways jeraeys give back to the past, reminds them of their rockets won ZongGuan before the way.”

Lopez said, “so this is what I design of this shirt. This paragraph of the starting point of the mass-tone attune of the jersey to red, still on the ornament with golden color. In the shirt I also specially written Houston, because I know it for our city means a lot.” For his own design Cheap Soccer Jerseys, lopez or was that a satisfaction discount jerseys, “I can’t wait to see the rockets players, and wearing on the field of this shirt now.” Lopez said.

The heat into nearly 15 years in the fourth team sad reminders team

The heat in at home against the Memphis grizzlies, and they finally to a 82-97 loss to opponents, and end the home 17 in a row, and from Miami set a embarrassed, they become the latest 15 season Cheap NFL Jerseys, the fourth team in at least 17 straight home win the basis, but to lose at least 15 divided into the price of an end record team.

The game a start, the heat got into passive cheap jerseys, now will be flagging continue down, and Memphis hussle playes energy and compared, Miami Seattle home in a lifeless, eventually, American airlines center such the devil from home was breached. Last time, the heat here lose the game or something on 22 January, when they home defeat in the bucks, and in the next 17 at home game, Miami all win.But this match, but the heat in Waterloo Cheap Patriots Jerseys, they always by the opponent to the nose, in the third quarter, James and dwyane wade collaborate in the offensive end once help Miami narrow points still poor, but in small game, arenas even shoot two record three points lead the grizzlies hit attack climax, now lay in the minute.

In the past 15 season discount jerseys, had only three teams appear so embarrassed (at least 17 in a row at home, but the end of the game winning streak to lose points in at least 15 points above), in 2003, at the end of the game winning streak and lost 17 points; In 2009, the sun end 19 in a row at home when lost 18 points; In 2011 the spurs win streak end at home and lost 16 points Cheap Cowboys Jerseys .In addition the heat the game in the first half to a 32 points, this also from the big three cooperation since, Miami and a half in place to get the lowest point of the, and the last time the heat in the first half, the score below 32 points and dates back to 2001, when they in the game against Celtic in the first half got 30 points.

Pau gasol: next time never jump cheap jerseys

Accurately, should not be one of. Because such dunks, happened in game two. The first time, the early 1 points more minutes Cheap Jerseys, at the time of the blessing of the boat and not in 3, gasol is grabbing rebounds for the area, but also didn’t understand what is happening, and griffin from behind his takeoff, will he knocked down and cheap football jerseys, both hands will hit the ball into the basket; The second, the third quarter with seven points 55 seconds, when griffin catch directly after takeoff rim, when pau gasol is takeoff, two people’s arms against the each other, each other, the body also make contact in the air, then pau gasol turned and fell, and griffin hit the ball into the basket heavily.

I was and didn’t see his dunk, in fact cheap stitched jerseys, I don’t know what happened, I turned the ball into the body, didn’t see at that time, I bottom is over against him,” pau gasol quietly tell the story of the second scene cheap stiched jerseys, drew others waves of laughter, he was from the floor up behind him, also tried to appeal, saying this should be a offensive foul, but the referee gave a block foul, “was not my whistle, but I think that should be a offensive foul.”

Pau gasol half jokingly said, after the ball he never takes off, “when he has jumped up, speed, also added a up, later in that case I won’t jump, for him to complete a easy dunk line.”As a performer, griffin seems not so excited, “that could help us dunk boost morale, we can have a greater momentum, but in fact see but not have too big effect, so it doesn’t make sense cheap jerseys Cheap Vikings jerseys.”In addition to the two dunks, griffin and pau gasol in the game happens many times in body contact, appear even two people together is blow to both sides fighting foul scene, “he itself is that the body fight strong style, I can understand he wants to achieve mood,” gasol said. “but I am not so he went to his very dirty play in the direction of the thought, he just wanted to hit a fierce fight.

Yi body in the heart of the NBA finals in CBA  Cheap Jerseys, although can’t see the game on TV, but he has been through the micro Po and media understand the latest game dynamic. For the present in this old club guangdong tigers than 3 1 behind Beijing, yi natural have words to say.”The games could not see, main is to kick-off jerseys, I am in the early middle America, have to get up early in the morning, and we have a lot of games, sometimes in the away, is not very convenient,” united and the Miami heat, before the game, and said, “the NBA finals a few games down, Beijing played very well, guangdong losing three games are not fit, then there’s a NFL Jerseys Cheap, see if they can be pulled to come.”In yi, it seems, before the finals long rest on the state of the tigers affects obviously. “I think (before the start of the NBA finals) that more than ten days to rest their influence is too big,” yi said, “now it may be a team, they need to adjust, and strive to mind a a to spell it.”

To his old club, old teammates at present is in difficult moments, yi of course did not forget to send text messages to encourage.

Yes, there is hair message,” yi said, but he quickly thought of the big brother ZhuFangYu actually can’t say encourage, ZhuFangYu earlier than I play, these a few years champion guangdong he is a great hero Cheap Soccer Jerseys, up to now self discount jerseys, and he’s on a team is a ZhuXin axis, many games are all through his good play won down. “