Kalie Hong: “The team is very united, trusting our teammates.”

This is Kalie Hong following Real Madrid’s second season Cheap Jerseys Sale, he worked hard to take advantage of every opportunity whereabouts to help him become a team of athletes to fulfill their commitment: “ever since childhood to follow Real Madrid since I have always been a Real Madrid supporter. I grow up in the youth team, I am also very fortunate to be back on a team and I have been in repeated saying one thing: I’m a Real Madrid fans this color represents too much for me, and I will always try to order this team logo to struggle, because it represents too much for me really. ”
His nephew to call him Titogol (uncle of goals) Cheap NFL Jerseys, a title after 15 league goals he scored last year, a hope beyond this season, of course, he also hopes can break into more into ball: “I hope that we can contribute more for the team. goals is all well and good, but more important is to help the team as well as coach when you need to demonstrate good condition.”
Real Madrid on Wednesday arrived to participate in the King’s Cup game. Kalie Hong sum up the philosophy of the team in every tournament, either Which race, the face of which an opponent: “The King’s Cup is another tournament, we represent Real Madrid , our goal for Real Madrid fight for every trophies, this Cup, like the other races, we will go all the team is very united, and we trust his teammates. emphasis is that we want to maintain that trust with unity so that we perform better in the game. ‘
The team is very clear that the opponents know to play against Real Madrid what it means to know that they will certainly passionate NFL Jerseys Cheap: “I hope to win, whether it is to win one or how much an incentive for them. They can play with Real Madrid, you need to show the best side of the game certainly would be more difficult, but, like I always say: We are Real Madrid, we have to fight for victory in any game in any venue, I always want to win. ”
When asked about his hope the fans remember this season, he replied: “I hope they feel to us regardless of the race or the training ground every time to give us all strive to give them pleasure Cheap Jerseys China, of course, but also pick up the championship. “

JASON ^ jersey knowledge paste

In recent years, with the domestic basketball and related products industry in the prosperity of our great motherland, and along with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the once unattainable high-end basketball equipment Cheap Jerseys, more and be our majority beast Basketball accepted by the fans getting into the stadium.
  The popularity of the relatively shoes and sneakers culture, domestic jersey purchase and knowledge access channels or to narrow many, many factors jersey knowledge of each basketball lovers more difficult than sneakers contact with some recently because of the weather gets hot, the arrival of the golden season of basketball, forums Cheap NFL Jerseys, and around friends asked the jersey change my jersey beginners venture to sum up, to borrow a little experience of predecessors and content of the post, little knowledge on little jersey.
  Now we see in the market, most of the circulation of NIKE and RBK jersey, there are a small number of championship, in fact, the NBA is the beginning of the the jersey production rights handed champion, NIKE RBK PUMA M & N are doing a small amount of the Cheap Soccer Jerseys , after NIKE RBK mainly to the 2004 RBK buyout at the end of last season, NBA jerseys have been handed ADIDAS production so now remove Nanjing ADI flagship store, everyone in ADI Monopoly can buy ADI5 people group and YAO and AI away color jersey.
Be introduced in accordance with the jersey from low to high grade.
【RBK Replica] that we usually refer to the offset, player numbers are rubber ironing printed up a RBK LOGO below NBA LOGO size: S, M, L, XL, only one size label Cheap Saints jerseys, the shape is similar to the training suit. U.S. monopoly sells for $ 45. Replica is good to identify the main features: 1 material. Mesh is very dense, smooth feel basically a circle on the white side of the wide shoulders (except for a small amount of style) 3 individual details at the other shirts and different 4 NBA LOGO
  About Replica, RBK outside, once there NIKE Replica , Champion Replica are Replica also are in line with the above characteristics, but should pay attention to two points: the size of a champion Replica is digital rather than SM L. 2NIKE Replica narrow shoulders, narrow shoulders (Champion Replica majority)
【NIKE SWINGMAN】 & 【REEBOK SWINGMAN] that kind of Monopoly sold the U.S. Monopoly for $ 75. Jersey fabrics are mesh, number and player name are embroidered, but just a single layer, color separation layer is coated with pigment to go a size label,Cheap Colts jerseyssize number is also used: S, M, L, XL …. LENGTH 2 to note is below the size number the RBK SWINGMAN than NIKE slightly long some of the shape of the senses than NIKE’s better point. RBK SWINGMAN 04 season new style, that is, RBK style after the buyout, so NIKE SWINGMAN with the player’s updates will not be updated, if you see someone wearing The TMAC Rockets NIKE SWINGMAN, even champion jersey (this is very common), the you enjoy B4. RBK SWINGMAN a main feature is the backswing a little longer

T-mac is old can still natural and unrestrained rods

The knicks DuiGongZhan away in the 113-112 win over the eagle, both parties not defense, but in “defense on flapping rob” characteristics, the main line is more obvious were game. The knicks games breathtaking lies not only in Marvin Williams missed the buzzer beat dunk Cheap NFL Jerseys, leaving New York substitute of 10 points, the eagle substitute is got 21 points. Tmac played 13 minutes, one of three shots for 2 points and two assists data 1 steals, though not give prize, but it is the period of time of substitute for t-mac leading hawk established last atop the situation, New York substitute stability and the actual combat rationality are framed the insufficiency.

Both sides to Philly far-flung damage, the knicks 3-pointers made 12 of 19, the eagle 3-pointers Wholesale Stitched Jerseys and cast 15; But very dazzling problem is: this is probably “HengHa will be two” novak and JR-Smith are only put in the Philly 1 3-pointers! The contrast perhaps the most can reflect the knicks Philly substitute operation effect. The first section for 31 after the war flat, it is time for Passover substitute in the standoff established the eagle advantage, and started over nearly two ahead.

Tmac goal of Philly from time section 9 points 59 seconds, fighting in the melee attack formation around inside eagle steals triangle stance, and vladimir radmanovic middle points to the ball MLB stitched Jerseys, Tracy McGrady had a dunk and the posture, but in the air, the small block intercept, McGrady in small and medium range paper dodge the levers of empty shakes to layup way goal. This may also leads “McGrady has now can’t dunk (the Po)” of the topic, really tmac age go high body also is fat, attack-defense of rhythm already distinctness slow Cheap Jerseys, this problem is also directly determine his now in Atlanta organized impact flow squad won’t get too much part.

But before the time period of the eagle is pulled away highlighted tmac control tempo role. Time opening day soon, Tracy McGrady was laid out nearly basket strong dozen posture, open the formations Cheap Stitched Jerseys, Tracy McGrady’s push to the pearl slightly after shaking, and suddenly the ball will be assigned to peripheral, look be like simple routines, is make the eagle found the positional warfare in rhythm. And the same time is the knicks for three turnovers, the main problem is that offense for fast blindly, not can really pin condition, control the tempo of the player. McGrady’s ball around near the basket, mid-range position and peripheral NFL Stitched Jerse ys, even if he is not like the way time can create threat aircraft, but still the foil a scheduling ability of the shortcomings of the New York substitute. Or as that word, leaving such atmosphere of perimeter jumpers, novak and JR are only made one 3-pointers, and so should not!

New Jersey design appreciate

With Nike and adidas main attack, Europe is different, the world’s third largest sporting goods manufacturers puma will ChongFengHao blow to the African team. Puma President about heng Cheap Jerseys Sale · CAI watts (Jochen Zeitz) through February 2, Germany “economic weekly” announced the hope that through this year the World Cup goals: capture African market.

Puma result from that year, the darth family a split after, and darth le family is puma’s neighbor and rival the founder of adidas. Now the puma style to fashion combination, and this is particularly attracted some young American and European women’s eyes. Puma bold personality, in the last for the African cup of nations “African lion” Cameroon design conjoined twins in FIFA’s shirt with  a dispute over the event has fully show, the suit also makes the puma more notable.Cheap NFL Jerseys

The latest puma advertising to Africa for leading role players basic cheap jerseys, they announced loudly: “we in Africa, is proud.” The last three World Cup champion is puma sponsored, the previous two were Cameroon and Tunisia, and in 2006 the Africa cup of nations Cheap Jerseys China, puma is scored two finals Egypt and the ivory coast. In fact, will take part in the World Cup five teams of the African team Angola, ivory coast, Ghana, Togo and Tunisia, all wearing puma shirt..

Howard wide error cheap stiched jerseys

The knicks away against magic, competition in the first quarter after 23-21 lead the knicks, Anthony making 2 of 5 sent seven points and rebounds, two assists, incense, pearl also had seven points; Jason Richardson had nine points for magic, Howard 2 0 for no score, caught two rebounds and three turnovers.Magic is undergoing “Howard requirements forcing the manager to finish class Wholesale NBA Jerseys” that is before the interview embarrassed, Stan van gundy face a all the reporters admit: warcraft is really asked his class is over. However, in the big fan confirm the matter, Howard suddenly packed into interview the crowd around big fan, big fan apparently flat-footed, now in a hurry talked about to stop Anthony leaving the tactical content.

After leaving the baron Davis, first for New York hit three-pointers, Glenn Davis then rebounding in the frontcourt under attack for opening two magic. As Anthony and fragrance, pearl has successively obtained free throws and all hit, the knicks lead in the opening stages. Big fan in the sidelines or was into it, the defence to a is Howard actively, and chandler entanglement of very close, just hesitated to directly attacking performance.

The knicks in leading to 9-6 cheap stitched jerseys, magic find state–nelson the left corner hit zero 3; The knicks offensive chandler is Howard block, Jason Richardson and Glenn Davis successively after body goal, “big baby” or cut into the Slam Dunk, magic 0 after offensive establish advantage. The knicks continuous periphery missed shots, play some single; Magic side still have hotspot, NBA cheap jerseys referee often have little judgement in the backcourt players traveling violations, but to Howard made this one sentence, whether is also he “run” boss attitude too playing god?

Midway through the first quarter after adjusting the pause, the knicks or Anthony and sweet pearl ball, take turns going it alone, the attack is still not ideal; Magic is hit operation effect, nelson ball help Jason Richardson dunk cut; After a moment to shoot into 3-pointers Richardson; The knicks side byron blunt basket of Boston, Sherwood think foul magic discount jerseys Cheap Soccer Jerseys, to the referee protest also receive technical foul, magic has 19-11 pulled away.After the knicks end for the first state had increased, continuous transmission of Smith JR-help chandler dunks, then Anthony also helped in the connected, and magic rotated momentum obviously lower, appear 3 minutes scoring drought; Sweet TeMing pearl in after finish 10-probably the knicks 0 offensive catch up. In the er, use up all their rebounds after buckle, at the end of the first quarter of the knicks 23-21 lead.