Three days rest will help Harden integrate into rocket

Perhaps the first three games, the the Harlem combination of crazy, so that people forget that this is a how a lack of run-team. James – between Harden Rockets, the run-in. Because the transaction occurred before the start of the new season Cheap Jerseys, Harden missed the Rockets training camp and preseason. The first two games of the season are away games against Portland, the Rockets before returning to the Toyota Center. Nuggets distance next opponent, rocket three days of preparation time. Today, they finally came to the Toyota Center, for the first time after this season, fully staffed “understand each other” training.
Harden and Cole – Aldridge are fresh blood for the Rockets, rocket other players through preseason and training camp have a certain understanding. Now they have to learn to insert in.
“Between me and the team a lot of people also do not have the feeling of playing through each other’s Basketball nature, we just play.” Harden said after losing to the Blazers game, “we have to go through more games, more training Cheap NFL Jerseys, to find the feeling we will get better. ”
Harden open before the two games this season, scored a total of 82 points, to create a player score a new record for the first two matches of the new owner. Harden amazing playing time in the rocket, three games are more than 39 minutes.
Last season in the Thunder, Harden total of only 4 games playing time of over 40 minutes, and these games are not continuous. 2010-11 season, Harden 3-game playing time of over 39 minutes.
Kevin – McHale coach worried:

Rockets coach Kevin – McHale, he most worried about is not Harden and the team’s run-in, “which is a run-in process nothing he will adapt to the role of the rocket, this is not my main concern. ‘
That McHale care about what? The common theme , is the rhythm of the team, the atmosphere, player movement, ball movement, reduce errors and improve the defensive. These are often missing the first three games, although the team has achieved two wins Cheap Soccer Jerseys, but do not let McHale satisfaction.
“We’re like a team not playing together for a long time.” McHale said. “We always get distracted during some games, and we must ensure that the ball in the mobile state, which will help James – Harden more threatening in the race. In fact, every player will benefit from the move.”

In addition to Harden, McHale think the Rockets need to re-adjust. Harlem combination of play and then Jeremy Lin + Martin combination, so the team’s tactics will vary. McHale asked the team to share the ball, reduce personal Harden’s ball Cheap Team jerseys. “The team needs a more mobile attack let the forest to get more of the ball, to create more opportunities to drive the team. Can also enhance LinShuHao.”
Indeed, since Harden after, Jeremy Lin, intentionally or unintentionally, more earth right to share the Harden, including some of the key moments of the shot, also Harden processing. Harden’s role more emphasis on the offensive, rather than create opportunities. In addition to the first game to rely on the hot hand outside the rocket scored 12 assists Stitched Jerseys, Harden and not let the players around for the better. Jeremy Lin’s role is clearly more clear – a pure point guard.

The spurs remain top western defense hidden trouble

NBC sports news, SAN Antonio in the title this season whether, ginobili appear extremely key. The past six weeks will this interpretation of more clearly.The SAN Antonio spurs season, as always, well Cheap NFL Jerseys, this also let them have a season for 14 to total the title may. Even if the lakers and no real 14 consecutive season was considered to be a championship contender. But in the past two seasons, but the spurs from a perseverance, composed team into offensive firepower fierce but there are problems of defense team.The cheap jerseys in March last year, the SAN Antonio spurs defense efficiency from season average 101.1 flash suddenly rose to 108.5, but the spurs defense but almost no after the real test, until the playoffs come the spurs suddenly can’t stop the grizzlies attack Wholesale Stitched Jerseys. And finally they also the playoffs in was the grizzlies eliminated. Most of the season, the spurs this defense of the trend have been correct. But unfortunately, in the past month, the SAN Antonio spurs on the defensive end copied in March last year again the performance.

Interestingly, the spurs in before and after the trade deadline to get new signing Stephen Jackson and Boris dior not the spurs problem discount jerseys, because when they present, the SAN Antonio spurs defense efficiency than their usual performance is even more wonderful. This means that the SAN Antonio spurs defense is bad? Not so, because the spurs in the fourth quarter  of the league in defensive efficiency 9, their play better than last year  Cheap Stitched Jerseys, all the signs of the SAN Antonio spurs this season have defense better attacking players, only the spurs is not a super defensive team, at least in the regular season speaking, their defense than the average team only slightly well some.

Anthony become composed find my self cheap soccer jerseys

The New York knicks on Madison square garden against Cleveland. Before leaving the knicks record of 26 wins and losses, and knight is 17 victories and defeats. The game in charge at the knicks star carmelo Anthony is fight single-handed, he made seven of his 14 scored 19 points and rebounds 2 assists and 1 steals Cheap NFL Shop, help the knicks 91-75 victory added another victory.Without amare stoudemire discount soccer jerseys, not the LinShuHao Anthony once again become the team worthy of the eldest brother again, with endless fire power. However, he faces, is a LinShuHao ever face of the mess, is a look seems to have no hope of the season. In this case, even if the opponent is not good strength of knight, Anthony can’t make the team easily win.

Today’s game, we see a more cautious more sedate Anthony, his first 11 shots hit six goals, and his among the whole season, shooting more than 50% of the games are also just eight games just, including a 2-1 shot early in the pitch game through injury. But at this time of Anthony wholesale soccer jerseys, no longer seems for work and were no longer blind cheap basketball jerseys, each one of his moves seem to have after a thoughtful, his every offensive let opponents feels the pressure. In the game very critical moment, Anthony’s stand and let a person feel deeply. He proved himself with high salary is not stupid, so long as can give him enough performance time, he can hit the very strong and efficient basketball.