Kalie Hong: “The team is very united, trusting our teammates.”

This is Kalie Hong following Real Madrid’s second season Cheap Jerseys Sale, he worked hard to take advantage of every opportunity whereabouts to help him become a team of athletes to fulfill their commitment: “ever since childhood to follow Real Madrid since I have always been a Real Madrid supporter. I grow up in the youth team, I am also very fortunate to be back on a team and I have been in repeated saying one thing: I’m a Real Madrid fans this color represents too much for me, and I will always try to order this team logo to struggle, because it represents too much for me really. ”
His nephew to call him Titogol (uncle of goals) Cheap NFL Jerseys, a title after 15 league goals he scored last year, a hope beyond this season, of course, he also hopes can break into more into ball: “I hope that we can contribute more for the team. goals is all well and good, but more important is to help the team as well as coach when you need to demonstrate good condition.”
Real Madrid on Wednesday arrived to participate in the King’s Cup game. Kalie Hong sum up the philosophy of the team in every tournament, either Which race, the face of which an opponent: “The King’s Cup is another tournament, we represent Real Madrid , our goal for Real Madrid fight for every trophies, this Cup, like the other races, we will go all the team is very united, and we trust his teammates. emphasis is that we want to maintain that trust with unity so that we perform better in the game. ‘
The team is very clear that the opponents know to play against Real Madrid what it means to know that they will certainly passionate NFL Jerseys Cheap: “I hope to win, whether it is to win one or how much an incentive for them. They can play with Real Madrid, you need to show the best side of the game certainly would be more difficult, but, like I always say: We are Real Madrid, we have to fight for victory in any game in any venue, I always want to win. ”
When asked about his hope the fans remember this season, he replied: “I hope they feel to us regardless of the race or the training ground every time to give us all strive to give them pleasure Cheap Jerseys China, of course, but also pick up the championship. “

Inter milan general surgery again fear truce 2 months

At the recently ended meters rand ratio, international milan got a very important victory, but play after sneijder was signed, alvarez and cristian chivu and three players because of injury and can’t in the squad for the key confrontation.
Cristian chivu’s injury began to appear in the most August 3, champions league cup third round qualifying international milan with sea du’s Banks profit champions league cup first leg game Cheap Jerseys Sale, he was a toe injury, however, he has been in the league round 5 international milan for the game against chievo into the squad, and even ready to ready to play , but before the game but the emergence of a new problem, toes abnormal pain let he eventually failed to debut game, the game he also has been absent, in fact, in order to completely heal his injuries, chivu and had a surgery, international milan Derby war in the game through the website cristian chivu has announced to the outside of his right foot toe the successful corrective surgery Cheap Jerseys Sale. At that time international milan aspect and did not disclose the specific recovery time, but the sky think cristian chivu will miss about a month’s time.
In the m rand than’s pre-match conference , a reporter asked chivu’s injuries, stern’s vladimir radmanovic Johnny said, “chivu at present and can’t play, may need 1 month to return to.” But Romania national team’s medical staff in the injury of cristian chivu popescu, said, “I have talked about the cristian chivu many times, in fact he’s injury is not serious. But the need for surgery, and convalescence is very long Cheap Jerseys China, he and Christian (Romania women’s tennis player) injury is same, she is in surgery after 2 months to return.”
In addition to cristian chivu besides, already back from Argentine midfielder alvarez did not appear in the international milan against AC milan’s list , but this is not stern’s vladimir radmanovic jonny choose to give up the Argentine, sky sports news international milan team with reporters PaWen speed will say this is because the alvarez appeared injury. The whole market “also revealed that in the past few days alvarez in training will be careful, because his leg have a mild strain symptoms, but the full market” think it for a long absence after the game the returning players it is very normal, and international milan also don’t want to risk getting alvarez play, and therefore will he ruled out of the squad.
Although no personally came out to help international milan scored meters rand ratio, but a win also let watching the game enjoyable play after sneijder was signed Cheap Jerseys Sale, “boys played great, key victory!” Due to injury, also play after sneijder was signed for the Dutch national team the next the preliminary contest, but he is still the national team training camp to meet with his teammates, and he also had lunch with his teammates, and in the evening he went straight on a plane to fly to Los Angeles for treatment.

The Denver nuggets coach good try cheap jerseys

Bynum full contribution 30 points and eight rebounds, and substitute Barnes are 24 points and 10 rebounds into account, the victory helped the lakers ahead to the playoffs this year the qualification Cheap Jerseys Sale. Kobe Bryant audience: 1662254
Listen to listen to the latest news has + March 17, 2012 01:45 I recently signed a piece of the old gym floor from my high school Lower Merion. Just seeing it brings back a lot o…  more) not to give the lakers continue to bring out too much influence in recent without his four games, the lakers won three victories, a more valuable asset of temporary leave brown is in the arena of the lakers also not upset rhythm Cheap NFL Jerseys. “You can will players performance today called they hope to the absence of kobe Bryant and brown proved what a good today, they do.” Temporary replace brown’s assistant coach John-Kurt frost said, “everybody played very hard, MeiQiu divided, as long as pay attention to the will of the situation can feel these.”

Dressed in a suit on the bench really a bit of kobe Bryant the style of the coach, and he is often in the game of coach cameo role, for example to the players who have cried out and give guidance. “Now that the lack of kobe NFL Jerseys Cheap, then other players to go out, and at the same time, we also want to take it easy.” Win hero in talk about in the game Barnes and nearly cost good situation, said “we too have talent, but sometimes also slightly languid is lazy, when we gave the lazy when an opponent, and when we do our best to, the lakers will be a difficult side.”Bynum on the following a had 30 rebounds after the good state to continue, especially in to his opponent to double and triple double of can still contribute quite a lot Cheap Jerseys China. “To be in the lack of Bryant’s winning three games, to us is of great significance, the team leader of not playing, we need to unite together and strive to victory.” Bynum said.

The nuggets in game once nearly turn, but ultimately failed to seize opportunities, and they had already has won five of their seven games and continue to fight for a playoff berth. “We need to use the victory before to build morale.” Defender Aaron ophrah, he said, “the next race a little difficulty, and we can grasp the nettle, for today’s game, the performance of the Barnes particularly well Cheap Jerseys China, and crucial moment often score, this is probably the problem, I defend opponent deserved victory.”The lakers in the fourth quarter by the referee frequently “care”, this makes the nuggets coach George Karl were unhappy, but he for his player performance or praised both. “We have some not so lucky.” He said, “but we have no so and give up, as long as you continue to impact the rebound and double bynum, so all can see the dawn of the reverse the situation.”

New Jersey design appreciate

With Nike and adidas main attack, Europe is different, the world’s third largest sporting goods manufacturers puma will ChongFengHao blow to the African team. Puma President about heng Cheap Jerseys Sale · CAI watts (Jochen Zeitz) through February 2, Germany “economic weekly” announced the hope that through this year the World Cup goals: capture African market.

Puma result from that year, the darth family a split after, and darth le family is puma’s neighbor and rival the founder of adidas. Now the puma style to fashion combination, and this is particularly attracted some young American and European women’s eyes. Puma bold personality, in the last for the African cup of nations “African lion” Cameroon design conjoined twins in FIFA’s shirt with  a dispute over the event has fully show, the suit also makes the puma more notable.Cheap NFL Jerseys

The latest puma advertising to Africa for leading role players basic cheap jerseys, they announced loudly: “we in Africa, is proud.” The last three World Cup champion is puma sponsored, the previous two were Cameroon and Tunisia, and in 2006 the Africa cup of nations Cheap Jerseys China, puma is scored two finals Egypt and the ivory coast. In fact, will take part in the World Cup five teams of the African team Angola, ivory coast, Ghana, Togo and Tunisia, all wearing puma shirt..