Chengdu, the most cattle cottage team: practice

And in the United predecessor called “Youth League football team, set up in 1986. However, because of the limited level, in Chengdu amateur football are basically “dish pigeons” level. In 2007, the team changed its name in and wing team set up took vocational taste Wholesale Jerseys. Team team logo, flag and town map. Translation also tired, team players and the translation XiaoDeng than professional team, professional team of translation usually only need to know a foreign language, but he needs to understand the English, Spanish and Portuguese. Team three foreign aid, Cesar Argentine, Edu Spaniards, and one from Costa Rica. Cesar in Shihai, Argentina has played in the youth team of Argentina Cheap Authentic Jerseys, together with Aimar played. Cesar led the team first paid 3000 yuan / month.
In 2007, in League One, they let the other team shocked. They have their own home, then repair the stadium and turf to spend more than 100 million, “said Tang Yong. The team not only turf also has its own cafeteria and dormitories. In order to allow the fans to the stadium watching, and United want a lot of ways, first and town small ads posted, but the effect is not good. Later, Tang Yong simply called the company’s employees to the street passing out flyers and town, the effect is still not ideal. Finally, some of the employees forced some hesitation: “to see it Authentic NFL Jerseys , to see our game as we give you the money, watching a 10″. The most interesting is the Chengdu City League made ​​three straight in 2007, the team invited local chefs banquet run from the edge of the pitch, fans of the site can be free to eat.
Now and in the town up and down the basic know there is such a team, and now fans can also sometimes have 300 people view “. Sichuan team of four players to join this year Discount Authentic Jerseys, these professional players reaction at home in the sand too soft, the team immediately decided to re-build, “spent nearly $ 100,000, re-renovation of the stadium, in September you can use”.

Ross admitted personally recruit Hinrich

In recent years, a team of big players personally invited to the free agent to join the team favorite, as the team signings a force uncommon. Derek – Ross plays such a role Wholesale Jerseys, Kirk – Kirk Hinrich this summer to return to the Chicago Bulls, precisely because of Rose’s invitation.
Ross always insisted personally recruit top free agents to join not his character. But this summer he has changed, he recently admitted that he had sought Hinrich. For his practice, coach Tom – Thibodeau not only large appreciated, and that further shows Ross mature.
“I think this is very important Cheap Authentic Jerseys,” Thibodeau said Ross’ approach when it comes to their relationship has been very good. They are full of respect for each other. Derek leaders also been further enhanced, he now have been very comfortable. After all, he has to be here a long time, so I think that, he began to think this should be a natural. ”
Prior to Ross really do not like to play the role of recruiters, even when Dwight – Howard and Bulls flirting. But the star recruit players the NBA has already become a common practice in the near future. However, Thibodeau seems, this trend ancient existed since Authentic NFL Jerseys, even as far away as Miami Heat (before the formation of the Big Three. “In my view has always been this way,” Thibodeau said, “I think the NBA has always been important. component. ”
That the immediate problem is Ross when it can start and Kirk Hinrich partner field. Thursday, Bulls general manager Gal – Foreman guest ESPN, reiterated that he believes that Ross is expected to return this season or. “He was a good, orderly recovery Wholesale Authentic Jerseys,” Foreman said, “He is very focused for recovery, we are his immediate situation excited, but this requires a process, a long process. Sure he the specific time of comeback is still too early, but everything is a step-by-step, his great performance.