Kalie Hong: “The team is very united, trusting our teammates.”

This is Kalie Hong following Real Madrid’s second season Cheap Jerseys Sale, he worked hard to take advantage of every opportunity whereabouts to help him become a team of athletes to fulfill their commitment: “ever since childhood to follow Real Madrid since I have always been a Real Madrid supporter. I grow up in the youth team, I am also very fortunate to be back on a team and I have been in repeated saying one thing: I’m a Real Madrid fans this color represents too much for me, and I will always try to order this team logo to struggle, because it represents too much for me really. ”
His nephew to call him Titogol (uncle of goals) Cheap NFL Jerseys, a title after 15 league goals he scored last year, a hope beyond this season, of course, he also hopes can break into more into ball: “I hope that we can contribute more for the team. goals is all well and good, but more important is to help the team as well as coach when you need to demonstrate good condition.”
Real Madrid on Wednesday arrived to participate in the King’s Cup game. Kalie Hong sum up the philosophy of the team in every tournament, either Which race, the face of which an opponent: “The King’s Cup is another tournament, we represent Real Madrid , our goal for Real Madrid fight for every trophies, this Cup, like the other races, we will go all the team is very united, and we trust his teammates. emphasis is that we want to maintain that trust with unity so that we perform better in the game. ‘
The team is very clear that the opponents know to play against Real Madrid what it means to know that they will certainly passionate NFL Jerseys Cheap: “I hope to win, whether it is to win one or how much an incentive for them. They can play with Real Madrid, you need to show the best side of the game certainly would be more difficult, but, like I always say: We are Real Madrid, we have to fight for victory in any game in any venue, I always want to win. ”
When asked about his hope the fans remember this season, he replied: “I hope they feel to us regardless of the race or the training ground every time to give us all strive to give them pleasure Cheap Jerseys China, of course, but also pick up the championship. “

Chengdu, the most cattle cottage team: practice

And in the United predecessor called “Youth League football team, set up in 1986. However, because of the limited level, in Chengdu amateur football are basically “dish pigeons” level. In 2007, the team changed its name in and wing team set up took vocational taste Wholesale Jerseys. Team team logo, flag and town map. Translation also tired, team players and the translation XiaoDeng than professional team, professional team of translation usually only need to know a foreign language, but he needs to understand the English, Spanish and Portuguese. Team three foreign aid, Cesar Argentine, Edu Spaniards, and one from Costa Rica. Cesar in Shihai, Argentina has played in the youth team of Argentina Cheap Authentic Jerseys, together with Aimar played. Cesar led the team first paid 3000 yuan / month.
In 2007, in League One, they let the other team shocked. They have their own home, then repair the stadium and turf to spend more than 100 million, “said Tang Yong. The team not only turf also has its own cafeteria and dormitories. In order to allow the fans to the stadium watching, and United want a lot of ways, first and town small ads posted, but the effect is not good. Later, Tang Yong simply called the company’s employees to the street passing out flyers and town, the effect is still not ideal. Finally, some of the employees forced some hesitation: “to see it Authentic NFL Jerseys , to see our game as we give you the money, watching a 10″. The most interesting is the Chengdu City League made ​​three straight in 2007, the team invited local chefs banquet run from the edge of the pitch, fans of the site can be free to eat.
Now and in the town up and down the basic know there is such a team, and now fans can also sometimes have 300 people view “. Sichuan team of four players to join this year Discount Authentic Jerseys, these professional players reaction at home in the sand too soft, the team immediately decided to re-build, “spent nearly $ 100,000, re-renovation of the stadium, in September you can use”.

Als learn Chinese playing the clown

Als: I think China is a strange environment, after all , before I have been playing in Europe, and I talked about Chinese football, so my situation and characteristics of Chinese football is not very clear understanding of the team’s almost is blank. However Wholesale Jerseysb, by this time the contacts and experience, I think there are a lot of good players and we are very friendly to me, and I found that the Chinese players technology is very good this time, and the team to fusion also very good, so I’m on this point was very pleasantly surprised.
Reporter: Before the Dutch players rarely come to China to play, this choice for you is not a very difficult decision?
Als: before really no idea, but this time it is the sudden appearance of an opportunity, and now want to surprise. The club I’ve changed a coach, the new coach need not my type of striker, in this case, I want to change a club, when I received the invitation of a lot of clubs, including the Tianjin TEDA. Side of the case then I do some understanding, I feel pretty good Cheap Authentic Jerseys, consultation and family made the decision to play here.
Reporter: You learned by what means the Chinese football?
Als: I’ve been with before this coach Haan assistant De Jong made contact, and then inquired about the situation with my coach and before I know this coach with the a player Zengjinglaiguo the Chinese football So to understand the situation here. These people give me feedback is good news, very positive, so I hope to come to China to try. The same time, from the perspective of life, I also want to experience a new life, to accept some new information and understanding of the new culture, so I decided to come to this. So far, I feel very good Authentic NFL Jerseys, I think this is a good attempt.
Reporter: You said De Jong gave you a good idea what you and he is friendship?
Als: I did not even know him, just know he coached in China. You know, football is not big circle, and I’m looking for an understanding of his friends to come to De Jong’s phone, then call him to ask TEDA, so simple.
“Warm-up match scoring teammates support.”
Reporter: Team Turkey zippered warm-up match 4 games, scored three goals, high efficiency, and you feel desired state?
Als: For me, just join a team, to have such consecutive goals beginning, of course, is a very good thing, after all, so you can increase the teammates and coaches for believing in me. However, this can not prove that I have had more than a good performance, because the goals are also the support of his teammates, these will not get these effects. Are friendly matches to play in Turkey, in the 25th game goal is very important. As a striker , I also have the ability and confidence to fight this game, but the whole team win is the most important Discount Authentic Jerseys, enter goal is not important.
Reporter: Teda tactical formation has been in the drill 451, you feel competent offensive task of “1”?
Als: I have a different team is also involved in a lot of different formations, 442,433,451 have, but I think the formation is not the most important, the most important thing is the team as a whole in the field of tactical play manifested and the effect of the overall competition. I think I can do is to complete the requirements of the coach Stitched NFL Jerseys, coaches responsibility to let me do I have to do a good job, then and his teammates play in the whole of my duties and functions, which would the team have a great with the help of great value to the team, so I consider.