Inter milan general surgery again fear truce 2 months

At the recently ended meters rand ratio, international milan got a very important victory, but play after sneijder was signed, alvarez and cristian chivu and three players because of injury and can’t in the squad for the key confrontation.
Cristian chivu’s injury began to appear in the most August 3, champions league cup third round qualifying international milan with sea du’s Banks profit champions league cup first leg game Cheap Jerseys Sale, he was a toe injury, however, he has been in the league round 5 international milan for the game against chievo into the squad, and even ready to ready to play , but before the game but the emergence of a new problem, toes abnormal pain let he eventually failed to debut game, the game he also has been absent, in fact, in order to completely heal his injuries, chivu and had a surgery, international milan Derby war in the game through the website cristian chivu has announced to the outside of his right foot toe the successful corrective surgery Cheap Jerseys Sale. At that time international milan aspect and did not disclose the specific recovery time, but the sky think cristian chivu will miss about a month’s time.
In the m rand than’s pre-match conference , a reporter asked chivu’s injuries, stern’s vladimir radmanovic Johnny said, “chivu at present and can’t play, may need 1 month to return to.” But Romania national team’s medical staff in the injury of cristian chivu popescu, said, “I have talked about the cristian chivu many times, in fact he’s injury is not serious. But the need for surgery, and convalescence is very long Cheap Jerseys China, he and Christian (Romania women’s tennis player) injury is same, she is in surgery after 2 months to return.”
In addition to cristian chivu besides, already back from Argentine midfielder alvarez did not appear in the international milan against AC milan’s list , but this is not stern’s vladimir radmanovic jonny choose to give up the Argentine, sky sports news international milan team with reporters PaWen speed will say this is because the alvarez appeared injury. The whole market “also revealed that in the past few days alvarez in training will be careful, because his leg have a mild strain symptoms, but the full market” think it for a long absence after the game the returning players it is very normal, and international milan also don’t want to risk getting alvarez play, and therefore will he ruled out of the squad.
Although no personally came out to help international milan scored meters rand ratio, but a win also let watching the game enjoyable play after sneijder was signed Cheap Jerseys Sale, “boys played great, key victory!” Due to injury, also play after sneijder was signed for the Dutch national team the next the preliminary contest, but he is still the national team training camp to meet with his teammates, and he also had lunch with his teammates, and in the evening he went straight on a plane to fly to Los Angeles for treatment.

Mrs. AC milan group according to qi and Antonio cassano wives quarrel

Very frank speaking, this season’s AC milan and inter milan, no longer have the past the sort of “giants” qualification, but serie a round 7 game than rice landry, still attracted numerous vision. Because Derby always Derby, and many of the serie a Derby, rice rand ratio is always the most close, the most striking a.
Before the game got the both sides of the starting lineup Cheap Soccer Jerseys, sky television station predicts that it will be Antonio cassano and al salad dimensional bout. BeiErGeMi more worried about on the bench pazzini, as distinguished guests, el tile is more worried about the pitch milito. On both sides of this team, said BeiErGeMi analysis, AC milan’s intention is to control the midfield, stern’s vladimir radmanovic Johnny is want to put more articles, do in the side. But the football match is always hard to predict, even if is “simplified edition” m rand than is also such. The sky television station in his post-match comments on said, Samuel is the game’s absolute leading role, and in the 1-0 down after, AC milan to face, is the international milan strong in defence replica soccer jerseys, and the former udinese goalkeeper HanDa Norwich. BeiErGeMi also laid special emphasis on, stern’s vladimir radmanovic Johnny’s team, is in almost the whole of the second half outnumbered, won the AC meters rand ratio. State television is mentioned the digital “3”, the first half 3 minutes, Christian abbiati sortie error, walter Samuel to punish his mistakes, to score the decisive goal. The second half of the same time, long friend got on the second yellow card, the competition, the AC milan use number advantage, create a waves surging offensive, but have not scoring. In the darfur m section view, maybe a draw is a correct results.
When it comes to the Derby, an inevitable topic, and Antonio cassano. To join in the international milan, Antonio cassano who brought adriano galliani is defined as “a great liar,” because adriano galliani is always through the media talk about the renewal problem soccer jerseys, but never and player, the player’s agent, discussed the matter seriously. Antonio cassano also said, alle Gerry can let him play, most of the time, because under the ibrahimovic given pressure. So, in ibrahimovic left, Antonio cassano active chose to leave AC milan. Before the game, there are many AC milan player wife proves, many of them, and Antonio cassano wife karolina quarrelled. More people said: “she almost and each of us quarrelled……”
In last Sunday’s AC meters rand ratio, Antonio cassano also became the players battle to a topic. AC milan fans think, Antonio cassano is a traitor. The international milan fans, the long time of the applause to Barry boy. And this time, and leonardo are treated differently, Antonio cassano get, is hiss, curses, and insulting slogans. Among them a slogan written kids soccer jerseys, “Antonio cassano in game attentively. Oh, yes, his heart is two disc.” In Antonio cassano to enter, and announced the list of players, the SAN siro inside the stadium cheer, two reached the acme, and Antonio cassano chose deadpan. The international milan fans, the more chose to ridicule. North of the stands on the archbishop Desmond tutu, leonardo away zlatan ibrahimovic and silva, and gennaro gattuso and Antonio cassano to adriano galliani throw mud. In addition a pair of archbishop Desmond tutu, AC milan fans waiting in line to buy package, and window top write “berlusconi fuck off”. But berlusconi to AC milan fans wish is, “I hope you can have a good season!”
In this, the referee from Rome Valerie also became negative leading role. In the sky television station opinion, first get law enforcement AC meters than opportunity lender, Valerie ability little also not ascending. In the darfur m section view, 3 minutes youth soccer jerseys, Valerie should be booked to walter Samuel, will protest too fierce alle Gerry off. In the first half and 40 minutes, the so-called Emma’s elson infringement of goalkeeper, in fact is HanDa Norwich after the attack, active crashed into the Dutch. So game should continue, montolivo does have the opportunity to equaliser. Before the end of the first half, there have been a yellow card of the body to Emma’s Juan Newcastle’s foul, AC milan a party is to want to let Valerie booked again. In the second half, the m division thinks, long friend estimates are two yellow CARDS do not have any problems, among which the Japanese a second yellow card custom soccer jerseys, derived from a handball, completely is active handball. According to the rules, similar action should get yellow CARDS, and international milan after the game the so-called defend the position question. Then, Valerie, Lamar was, Johnny’s fierce protest, referee could have the red card sent off. In the second half for Valerie another time decisions to m families completely negative attitude. In his view, pazzini’s passing, very creative, very fascinating, let robinho have and HanDa Norwich one-on-one opportunities, and walter Samuel stretch arm purpose, is to stop, the funny thing is, Valerie not only denied a penalty, “send” to giampaolo pazzini a yellow card. After the game and walter Samuel very frankly admitted, “I didn’t think pazzini will so pass, so wholesale soccer jerseys, I tried to contact robinho.” Then, the Roman referee, also in udinese and juve after the game, once again become the protagonist of the negative.

The Barcelona 172 winger mystery of the play in central defence

Barcelona to real Madrid’s national Derby, bela in nova lineups the most surprising choice is to let adriano play in the centre, the Brazilian had never played centre-half, and his height is not enough, however beera nova but valued the has a sprinter Cheap NFL Shop, speed of Brazilian full-back, and Barcelona coach adventure move finally also be successful.
Bela nova since the childhood dream of playing in Barcelona, plus he was Barcelona assistant coach, therefore, once a team manager, he is doing with facility. By employing, bela nova and josep guardiola has the same idea. In the past for four years, he had and josep guardiola has changed the role of a player. Such as make mascherano centre-back, let cesc fabregas as center. This time, bela nova do more bold: let adriano play in the centre. This requires great courage and imagination, want to know, adriano is kind of like the long way around, powerful shot, attack ability more than defensive player. In sevilla, he played winger, in Barcelona , he even played winger, who had expected, he can play in central defence.
After the game his team-mates to adriano evaluation well, Harvey said: “adriano played a good game, his solid defensive team, to the ball great help.” Messi also praised way: “his performance is very good.” And adriano himself, said: “this is my first time in four defender system play in central defence. Since I was told to play this position Packers Jerseys, mascherano and other teammates in encouraged me, and they will let me feel at ease, for this reason also gave me a lot of advice. I own performance satisfaction.”
Bela nova revealed: “I am on Friday told him. I thought he played with central defender because he quickly, with a sprinter. I like with my team of people talk about this possibility, and he talked about. I need to he told me is done so feasible. As is known to all, real Madrid players like to play behind the other guard, considering adriano’s movement speed, I think he can do well, of course, decided to himself to do.” Bela nova want to know whether the player have faith. Because of this, on Friday and Saturday, bela nova in training is arranged adriano centre-back . In the Spanish super cup second round, adriano has been sent off, but this time, he did well in the game Eagles Jerseys, the only regret is obtained in cristiano ronaldo in the process of the second, he made offside failed.
To Barcelona coach speaking, central defender position is a laboratory. In this position, there have been all kinds of test, abidal, kolo toure, javier mascherano, keta, booth gram, more than, academy players played, and the LinSiJi, jigger, milito these full-time central defender is not in this position success. Bela nova expressed: “play Barcelona defender position is the most difficult job.” Chose adriano, in addition to value the Brazilian speed, but also because beera nova hope song have a adapt to the process, also don’t want to give teenager Roland barthes’s pull exert too much pressure. Because let adriano play, if the Brazilian poor performance Cheap NFL jerseys Shop, then more responsibility than pull nova themselves rather than players.