Kalie Hong: “The team is very united, trusting our teammates.”

This is Kalie Hong following Real Madrid’s second season Cheap Jerseys Sale, he worked hard to take advantage of every opportunity whereabouts to help him become a team of athletes to fulfill their commitment: “ever since childhood to follow Real Madrid since I have always been a Real Madrid supporter. I grow up in the youth team, I am also very fortunate to be back on a team and I have been in repeated saying one thing: I’m a Real Madrid fans this color represents too much for me, and I will always try to order this team logo to struggle, because it represents too much for me really. ”
His nephew to call him Titogol (uncle of goals) Cheap NFL Jerseys, a title after 15 league goals he scored last year, a hope beyond this season, of course, he also hopes can break into more into ball: “I hope that we can contribute more for the team. goals is all well and good, but more important is to help the team as well as coach when you need to demonstrate good condition.”
Real Madrid on Wednesday arrived to participate in the King’s Cup game. Kalie Hong sum up the philosophy of the team in every tournament, either Which race, the face of which an opponent: “The King’s Cup is another tournament, we represent Real Madrid , our goal for Real Madrid fight for every trophies, this Cup, like the other races, we will go all the team is very united, and we trust his teammates. emphasis is that we want to maintain that trust with unity so that we perform better in the game. ‘
The team is very clear that the opponents know to play against Real Madrid what it means to know that they will certainly passionate NFL Jerseys Cheap: “I hope to win, whether it is to win one or how much an incentive for them. They can play with Real Madrid, you need to show the best side of the game certainly would be more difficult, but, like I always say: We are Real Madrid, we have to fight for victory in any game in any venue, I always want to win. ”
When asked about his hope the fans remember this season, he replied: “I hope they feel to us regardless of the race or the training ground every time to give us all strive to give them pleasure Cheap Jerseys China, of course, but also pick up the championship. “

Chengdu, the most cattle cottage team: practice

And in the United predecessor called “Youth League football team, set up in 1986. However, because of the limited level, in Chengdu amateur football are basically “dish pigeons” level. In 2007, the team changed its name in and wing team set up took vocational taste Wholesale Jerseys. Team team logo, flag and town map. Translation also tired, team players and the translation XiaoDeng than professional team, professional team of translation usually only need to know a foreign language, but he needs to understand the English, Spanish and Portuguese. Team three foreign aid, Cesar Argentine, Edu Spaniards, and one from Costa Rica. Cesar in Shihai, Argentina has played in the youth team of Argentina Cheap Authentic Jerseys, together with Aimar played. Cesar led the team first paid 3000 yuan / month.
In 2007, in League One, they let the other team shocked. They have their own home, then repair the stadium and turf to spend more than 100 million, “said Tang Yong. The team not only turf also has its own cafeteria and dormitories. In order to allow the fans to the stadium watching, and United want a lot of ways, first and town small ads posted, but the effect is not good. Later, Tang Yong simply called the company’s employees to the street passing out flyers and town, the effect is still not ideal. Finally, some of the employees forced some hesitation: “to see it Authentic NFL Jerseys , to see our game as we give you the money, watching a 10″. The most interesting is the Chengdu City League made ​​three straight in 2007, the team invited local chefs banquet run from the edge of the pitch, fans of the site can be free to eat.
Now and in the town up and down the basic know there is such a team, and now fans can also sometimes have 300 people view “. Sichuan team of four players to join this year Discount Authentic Jerseys, these professional players reaction at home in the sand too soft, the team immediately decided to re-build, “spent nearly $ 100,000, re-renovation of the stadium, in September you can use”.

Als learn Chinese playing the clown

Als: I think China is a strange environment, after all , before I have been playing in Europe, and I talked about Chinese football, so my situation and characteristics of Chinese football is not very clear understanding of the team’s almost is blank. However Wholesale Jerseysb, by this time the contacts and experience, I think there are a lot of good players and we are very friendly to me, and I found that the Chinese players technology is very good this time, and the team to fusion also very good, so I’m on this point was very pleasantly surprised.
Reporter: Before the Dutch players rarely come to China to play, this choice for you is not a very difficult decision?
Als: before really no idea, but this time it is the sudden appearance of an opportunity, and now want to surprise. The club I’ve changed a coach, the new coach need not my type of striker, in this case, I want to change a club, when I received the invitation of a lot of clubs, including the Tianjin TEDA. Side of the case then I do some understanding, I feel pretty good Cheap Authentic Jerseys, consultation and family made the decision to play here.
Reporter: You learned by what means the Chinese football?
Als: I’ve been with before this coach Haan assistant De Jong made contact, and then inquired about the situation with my coach and before I know this coach with the a player Zengjinglaiguo the Chinese football So to understand the situation here. These people give me feedback is good news, very positive, so I hope to come to China to try. The same time, from the perspective of life, I also want to experience a new life, to accept some new information and understanding of the new culture, so I decided to come to this. So far, I feel very good Authentic NFL Jerseys, I think this is a good attempt.
Reporter: You said De Jong gave you a good idea what you and he is friendship?
Als: I did not even know him, just know he coached in China. You know, football is not big circle, and I’m looking for an understanding of his friends to come to De Jong’s phone, then call him to ask TEDA, so simple.
“Warm-up match scoring teammates support.”
Reporter: Team Turkey zippered warm-up match 4 games, scored three goals, high efficiency, and you feel desired state?
Als: For me, just join a team, to have such consecutive goals beginning, of course, is a very good thing, after all, so you can increase the teammates and coaches for believing in me. However, this can not prove that I have had more than a good performance, because the goals are also the support of his teammates, these will not get these effects. Are friendly matches to play in Turkey, in the 25th game goal is very important. As a striker , I also have the ability and confidence to fight this game, but the whole team win is the most important Discount Authentic Jerseys, enter goal is not important.
Reporter: Teda tactical formation has been in the drill 451, you feel competent offensive task of “1”?
Als: I have a different team is also involved in a lot of different formations, 442,433,451 have, but I think the formation is not the most important, the most important thing is the team as a whole in the field of tactical play manifested and the effect of the overall competition. I think I can do is to complete the requirements of the coach Stitched NFL Jerseys, coaches responsibility to let me do I have to do a good job, then and his teammates play in the whole of my duties and functions, which would the team have a great with the help of great value to the team, so I consider.

JASON ^ jersey knowledge paste

In recent years, with the domestic basketball and related products industry in the prosperity of our great motherland, and along with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the once unattainable high-end basketball equipment Cheap Jerseys, more and be our majority beast Basketball accepted by the fans getting into the stadium.
  The popularity of the relatively shoes and sneakers culture, domestic jersey purchase and knowledge access channels or to narrow many, many factors jersey knowledge of each basketball lovers more difficult than sneakers contact with some recently because of the weather gets hot, the arrival of the golden season of basketball, forums Cheap NFL Jerseys, and around friends asked the jersey change my jersey beginners venture to sum up, to borrow a little experience of predecessors and content of the post, little knowledge on little jersey.
  Now we see in the market, most of the circulation of NIKE and RBK jersey, there are a small number of championship, in fact, the NBA is the beginning of the the jersey production rights handed champion, NIKE RBK PUMA M & N are doing a small amount of the Cheap Soccer Jerseys , after NIKE RBK mainly to the 2004 RBK buyout at the end of last season, NBA jerseys have been handed ADIDAS production so now remove Nanjing ADI flagship store, everyone in ADI Monopoly can buy ADI5 people group and YAO and AI away color jersey.
Be introduced in accordance with the jersey from low to high grade.
【RBK Replica] that we usually refer to the offset, player numbers are rubber ironing printed up a RBK LOGO below NBA LOGO size: S, M, L, XL, only one size label Cheap Saints jerseys, the shape is similar to the training suit. U.S. monopoly sells for $ 45. Replica is good to identify the main features: 1 material. Mesh is very dense, smooth feel basically a circle on the white side of the wide shoulders (except for a small amount of style) 3 individual details at the other shirts and different 4 NBA LOGO
  About Replica, RBK outside, once there NIKE Replica , Champion Replica are Replica also are in line with the above characteristics, but should pay attention to two points: the size of a champion Replica is digital rather than SM L. 2NIKE Replica narrow shoulders, narrow shoulders (Champion Replica majority)
【NIKE SWINGMAN】 & 【REEBOK SWINGMAN] that kind of Monopoly sold the U.S. Monopoly for $ 75. Jersey fabrics are mesh, number and player name are embroidered, but just a single layer, color separation layer is coated with pigment to go a size label,Cheap Colts jerseyssize number is also used: S, M, L, XL …. LENGTH 2 to note is below the size number the RBK SWINGMAN than NIKE slightly long some of the shape of the senses than NIKE’s better point. RBK SWINGMAN 04 season new style, that is, RBK style after the buyout, so NIKE SWINGMAN with the player’s updates will not be updated, if you see someone wearing The TMAC Rockets NIKE SWINGMAN, even champion jersey (this is very common), the you enjoy B4. RBK SWINGMAN a main feature is the backswing a little longer

Ross admitted personally recruit Hinrich

In recent years, a team of big players personally invited to the free agent to join the team favorite, as the team signings a force uncommon. Derek – Ross plays such a role Wholesale Jerseys, Kirk – Kirk Hinrich this summer to return to the Chicago Bulls, precisely because of Rose’s invitation.
Ross always insisted personally recruit top free agents to join not his character. But this summer he has changed, he recently admitted that he had sought Hinrich. For his practice, coach Tom – Thibodeau not only large appreciated, and that further shows Ross mature.
“I think this is very important Cheap Authentic Jerseys,” Thibodeau said Ross’ approach when it comes to their relationship has been very good. They are full of respect for each other. Derek leaders also been further enhanced, he now have been very comfortable. After all, he has to be here a long time, so I think that, he began to think this should be a natural. ”
Prior to Ross really do not like to play the role of recruiters, even when Dwight – Howard and Bulls flirting. But the star recruit players the NBA has already become a common practice in the near future. However, Thibodeau seems, this trend ancient existed since Authentic NFL Jerseys, even as far away as Miami Heat (before the formation of the Big Three. “In my view has always been this way,” Thibodeau said, “I think the NBA has always been important. component. ”
That the immediate problem is Ross when it can start and Kirk Hinrich partner field. Thursday, Bulls general manager Gal – Foreman guest ESPN, reiterated that he believes that Ross is expected to return this season or. “He was a good, orderly recovery Wholesale Authentic Jerseys,” Foreman said, “He is very focused for recovery, we are his immediate situation excited, but this requires a process, a long process. Sure he the specific time of comeback is still too early, but everything is a step-by-step, his great performance.

McHale: We did not Nuggets running positive

In just the end of an NBA regular season home game of the Houston Rockets could not win a home game, as expected, they lost to the visiting Denver Nuggets 87 than 93,6 points margin frustrationto accept a two-game losing streak.
The Rockets lose today on a reason, is still doing a good shot, they team hit rate is slightly better than the last point, only 37 percent. While the the rival Nuggets this statistics 45 per cent. This is no way to win the game.
A look of frustration after the game coach McHale in the post-match press conference. Am very dissatisfied: not enough interspersed with running game Cheap Jerseys, not smooth offensive, you know you want to lay the offensive, the ball must be kept moving his team’s offensive player also to keep running to the open neutral but tonight unfortunately we could not do that today the game has a lot of mistakes, we have a lot of things need to be corrected. ball movement, we must be doing well “coach thought went on to say:” while we base ourselves not stable when they made ​​a lot of points and their audience is kept running Cheap NFL Jerseys, and we are not actively running. ”
Lose another game can be attributed to mistakes today Rockets game has 20 turnovers. “We had 20 turnovers on this one is enough for us by the, in the field the players are not able to respond effectively.” The coach said helplessly.
Two Rockets is not a defense, their defense is doing good, might this defensive and recent training emphasizes something more relevant. Now the team’s offensive problems is too much trouble, a critical moment addition to Harden nobody can score Cheap Soccer Jerseys, once Harden is sealed like today happen, that the Rockets will be lost. This is after the Rockets must find a way to solve the problem.

Need someone like him to actively

87 than 93, the Houston Rockets could not with the home advantage in the victory of the game, they lost to the Denver Nuggets. The home has a 2-game losing streak when they win a home victory seems fans are concerned about.
The new season beginning Rockets momentum away even under the two into a new season gave fans hope. However, with a two-game losing streak at home Cheap NFL Jerseys, I hope to become disappointed.
But although they lost the game, the team, there are some bright spots. Patterson [microblogging] played very good very efficient. Game playing 30 minutes one-third of 13 shots, 8 4 2 18 points and five rebounds.
Comes to love the performance, the coach is also appreciates the good: “He played well and hit a lot of key shots and as many as before the desired low singles and his defense has done very well, whether personal or team defense, he is great Wholesale Stitched Jerseys. know what they should do in the field. like I said, the running of our players today are not very positive, but Patterson is one of the few has been actively running one of the players we need his efforts, but the light he is not enough, we need other players also play like him actively. ”
Fact, the last two games of the Rockets played very close NFL Jerseys Cheap, there is a great chance to win the game. Perhaps one of the details of the deal will be able to change the situation of the game. “There is one thing I was able to determine that this is a very talented potential team, they were young, their active and I really like the group of guys. Their desire to win is not in doubt, they do not want lose we encountered some difficulties now our game is a bit difficult when I was there watching when you feel the difficulty is the kind of game is not very smooth feeling stitched NFL Jerseys. soon as we hit that rhythm everything will become better. ”
Like coach said, when Rockets to find offensive rhythm it kind of fill the gap?

Three days rest will help Harden integrate into rocket

Perhaps the first three games, the the Harlem combination of crazy, so that people forget that this is a how a lack of run-team. James – between Harden Rockets, the run-in. Because the transaction occurred before the start of the new season Cheap Jerseys, Harden missed the Rockets training camp and preseason. The first two games of the season are away games against Portland, the Rockets before returning to the Toyota Center. Nuggets distance next opponent, rocket three days of preparation time. Today, they finally came to the Toyota Center, for the first time after this season, fully staffed “understand each other” training.
Harden and Cole – Aldridge are fresh blood for the Rockets, rocket other players through preseason and training camp have a certain understanding. Now they have to learn to insert in.
“Between me and the team a lot of people also do not have the feeling of playing through each other’s Basketball nature, we just play.” Harden said after losing to the Blazers game, “we have to go through more games, more training Cheap NFL Jerseys, to find the feeling we will get better. ”
Harden open before the two games this season, scored a total of 82 points, to create a player score a new record for the first two matches of the new owner. Harden amazing playing time in the rocket, three games are more than 39 minutes.
Last season in the Thunder, Harden total of only 4 games playing time of over 40 minutes, and these games are not continuous. 2010-11 season, Harden 3-game playing time of over 39 minutes.
Kevin – McHale coach worried:

Rockets coach Kevin – McHale, he most worried about is not Harden and the team’s run-in, “which is a run-in process nothing he will adapt to the role of the rocket, this is not my main concern. ‘
That McHale care about what? The common theme , is the rhythm of the team, the atmosphere, player movement, ball movement, reduce errors and improve the defensive. These are often missing the first three games, although the team has achieved two wins Cheap Soccer Jerseys, but do not let McHale satisfaction.
“We’re like a team not playing together for a long time.” McHale said. “We always get distracted during some games, and we must ensure that the ball in the mobile state, which will help James – Harden more threatening in the race. In fact, every player will benefit from the move.”

In addition to Harden, McHale think the Rockets need to re-adjust. Harlem combination of play and then Jeremy Lin + Martin combination, so the team’s tactics will vary. McHale asked the team to share the ball, reduce personal Harden’s ball Cheap Team jerseys. “The team needs a more mobile attack let the forest to get more of the ball, to create more opportunities to drive the team. Can also enhance LinShuHao.”
Indeed, since Harden after, Jeremy Lin, intentionally or unintentionally, more earth right to share the Harden, including some of the key moments of the shot, also Harden processing. Harden’s role more emphasis on the offensive, rather than create opportunities. In addition to the first game to rely on the hot hand outside the rocket scored 12 assists Stitched Jerseys, Harden and not let the players around for the better. Jeremy Lin’s role is clearly more clear – a pure point guard.

Kobe single 8 points, 5 assists, the Lakers leading the Pistons with 21 points

Start to the season three-game losing streak Discount NFL Jerseys, the Lakers vs. Pistons. First ZhanBa Lakers in superb form leading Pistons to 34-13 score.Bryant single sent eight points, five assists, Howard scored 11 points, Pau Gasol 10 points.
Lien-game losing streak, the Lakers before either player or coach, the shoulders of the pressure is not small. Game opening, Lakers show a strong desire to win, Howard jump ball successfully, Gasol storm inside, the first shot was a cover, but he immediately secondary attack succeeded. Nash sidelined, Bryant has more to organize the attack, his consecutive assists Gasol and Ci Shiping score, followed by break layup. The Lakers played a 8-2 wave of attacks, forcing the piston called timeout.

Suspended back, piston rely Prince and Maxiell jumper and scored four points. But Bryant again sent pass him hanging directly at a high ball to the basket Gasol Discount Jerseys, the Spaniards easy layup. Bryant to lead to a period of offensive, Howard also began to force his continuous storm inside the piston only foul to stop. Fortunately today start, Howard free throws feel good hit three goals in the first four free throws, followed by another in the basket layup and hit a jumper, remove 7 points.
Few races, is that the Lakers the game there is a significant improvement compared to the defensive. When the Prince and Knight impact Lakers basket, Howard Kazuo When closed, sent straight cap. Play the game eight minutes, Lake talents Pistons get double-digit scores, setting up the obvious lead.
Before the end of the first section, the Lakers continued to storm inside, especially Howard is unstoppable. Ci Shiping pass NFL Stitched Jerseys, Howard the ball to force a breakthrough opponents. Next, the Lakers from defensive to offensive, Bryant breakthrough ball into the air, and Howard , leaping high ball into the basket. Playing less than 10 minutes, Howard scored 11 points and was benched to rest.

In Howard’s end, the Lakers offensive point of focus to the outside line. Blake Tupofenqiu Bryant perimeter bayan is a one-third, after he assists Morris hit the third NFL Jerseys Cheap. This is Bryant 5 assists in the first section of the race

Inter milan general surgery again fear truce 2 months

At the recently ended meters rand ratio, international milan got a very important victory, but play after sneijder was signed, alvarez and cristian chivu and three players because of injury and can’t in the squad for the key confrontation.
Cristian chivu’s injury began to appear in the most August 3, champions league cup third round qualifying international milan with sea du’s Banks profit champions league cup first leg game Cheap Jerseys Sale, he was a toe injury, however, he has been in the league round 5 international milan for the game against chievo into the squad, and even ready to ready to play , but before the game but the emergence of a new problem, toes abnormal pain let he eventually failed to debut game, the game he also has been absent, in fact, in order to completely heal his injuries, chivu and had a surgery, international milan Derby war in the game through the website cristian chivu has announced to the outside of his right foot toe the successful corrective surgery Cheap Jerseys Sale. At that time international milan aspect and did not disclose the specific recovery time, but the sky think cristian chivu will miss about a month’s time.
In the m rand than’s pre-match conference , a reporter asked chivu’s injuries, stern’s vladimir radmanovic Johnny said, “chivu at present and can’t play, may need 1 month to return to.” But Romania national team’s medical staff in the injury of cristian chivu popescu, said, “I have talked about the cristian chivu many times, in fact he’s injury is not serious. But the need for surgery, and convalescence is very long Cheap Jerseys China, he and Christian (Romania women’s tennis player) injury is same, she is in surgery after 2 months to return.”
In addition to cristian chivu besides, already back from Argentine midfielder alvarez did not appear in the international milan against AC milan’s list , but this is not stern’s vladimir radmanovic jonny choose to give up the Argentine, sky sports news international milan team with reporters PaWen speed will say this is because the alvarez appeared injury. The whole market “also revealed that in the past few days alvarez in training will be careful, because his leg have a mild strain symptoms, but the full market” think it for a long absence after the game the returning players it is very normal, and international milan also don’t want to risk getting alvarez play, and therefore will he ruled out of the squad.
Although no personally came out to help international milan scored meters rand ratio, but a win also let watching the game enjoyable play after sneijder was signed Cheap Jerseys Sale, “boys played great, key victory!” Due to injury, also play after sneijder was signed for the Dutch national team the next the preliminary contest, but he is still the national team training camp to meet with his teammates, and he also had lunch with his teammates, and in the evening he went straight on a plane to fly to Los Angeles for treatment.